Sports Turf Irrigation – Now A Booming Industry!

Turf irrigation is a booming industry these days, as the need for well-managed natural turf is constantly on the rise.

With stable or growing interest and participation in turf-played sports especially soccer, turf irrigation system services everywhere are seeing more system installation requests and more fields that need proper irrigation management to keep them green and ready.

An increased need in turf irrigation systems is due to the number of recreational fields continually being funded by local and state governments for their schools and parks, especially in areas where home building continues to grow, too. 

When Did Interest in Soccer Increase in the U.S.?

The exploding interest in soccer in America started two decades ago when the U.S. Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup and it hasn’t waned much.

In that time, more public and private schools have installed soccer fields and local governments have even installed them in community parks to increase green spaces within planned neighborhoods and communities, creating an increasing need for turf irrigation systems to keep these spaces green and playable.

Enter Professional Soccer in the United States

Since that time and continuing through to the present, the interest in soccer at the school and collegiate level has risen more than 50% and has steadily maintained, especially as the U.S. continues to get more involved in the sport on a professional level.

Most recently, with so many people watching U.S. soccer from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and afterward as teams went to the Olympics, there has been renewed interest in this and other turf sports as kids have returned to school and resumed these and other physical activities.  

An Increased Need For Turf Irrigation System Services

With all those soccer and sports field that have been installed has come the need for more professional turf irrigation system services to keep them green.

Different than agricultural irrigation and even golf course turf irrigation, soccer turf irrigation systems require their own expertise, especially today when the balance of effective water management is so critical.

Still, the need for safe and managed spaces for school and community sports persists and so does the work for local turf irrigation professionals. 

A New Business Interest in Turf Irrigation Needs

For those considering this industry, one of the best things about turf irrigation is that it presents a happy medium between complicated golf course irrigation and simple residential setups.

Expanding into turf irrigation system services can be a lucrative opportunity for business owners with the right experience in new and existing communities that are fostering this love of soccer and other turf sports and require turf irrigation system setup and maintenance. 

Increased Interest in Public and Private Schools

Schools and parks with multi-field complexes are especially attractive for turf irrigation services that have the ability to work within the budget of private or public schools or win government contract bids.

It is another sector of the turf irrigation industry that does not see as much light as agricultural and residential irrigation but is just as necessary!