Agricultural Irrigation – Center Pivots

Agriculture is arguably the most important source of livelihood for all peoples of the world, contributing to the health of the nations by providing medicine as well as supplying the people with raw materials like cotton, sugar and tobacco plus providing furniture, clothing and food security.

Domestically, agriculture employs more than 24 million Americans (17% of the U.S. workforce), and up to a billion people worldwide (about 28% of the population).

People who depend on agriculture for their income include not only farmers and ranchers but also mechanics and technicians of farming equipment, truck drivers, grocers, and general laborers.

As of the 2007 census of agriculture, there were 2.2 million farms in the United States and all of them have one vital need in common: water.

Proper Water Irrigation

The way water is distributed over the land to help it grow is called irrigation.

Irrigation maintains moisture in the soil which is essential for seed germination.

Irrigation is essential for the growth of the roots of the plants, as it is necessary for the absorption of mineral nutrients by the plants from the soil.

Proper irrigation is a vital part of maintaining any farm or ranch.

Center Pivot Irrigation

Age-old surface irrigation is still sometimes favored for it's simplicity, but as new technologies have developed mechanical irrigation systems have become more appealing.

Central pivot irrigation, also called circle irrigation, has become the most economic and efficient form of irrigation, offering you all of the flexibility which other forms of irrigated agriculture are unable to provide.

Unlike other methods, center pivot irrigation dispurses water evenly, minimizing the risk of runoff, which can be costly over time, as well as causing your soil to he less fertile due to erosion.

The Value of Center Pivot Irrigation

A circle irrigation system also causes less water to be lost to the wind by delivering the water close to the ground.

Center pivot irrigation delivers the water for you, at whatever rate you decide; and their height adjustable - meaning you can reassemble your system to be at any level relative to the height of the crops and continue to modify as necessary in accordance with their growth cycle to ensure the plants receive proper hydration.

Center pivot systems are cost effective, each one having an average life span of about 20 years, and requiring little maintenance.

Their reconfigurable nature makes them useful for a variety of crops, whereas other machines are not as versatile.

Lower labor requirements make center pivot irrigation the ideal choice for most farmers around the world.